So, white grizzly bears exist. That’s a cool thing. What’s even cooler is that a family actually spotted one in Banff National Park. The rarely seen animal was seen hanging out with its siblings, and the Rimrock Resort actually caught them on video.

Like your hair or eyes, the colour of a grizzly depends on what they inherited. Typically, when the bears are born with a recessive gene, they just appear lighter brown, so to see one that is actually white, is kind of crazy. Even experts are kind of taken aback.

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Mike Gibeau, a retired Parks Canada carnivore specialist, told St. Albert Today, that from what he could see on the video the bear did not appear to have albinism, which is when a mammal lacks all pigment in its skin and hair.

The park is asking that if you also see the animal that you stay away from it, and that we give them their space to enjoy themselves.

Instead, check out the video of the white grizzly we mentioned earlier above! This is honestly a once in a lifetime kind of thing, guys!