Want to feel like you’re grabbing a quick meal in Shibuya? Then you might want to head down to the Telus Garden to try a new smart vending machine specializing in plant-based meals. The local company Modern Meat is behind this new addition, here’s the scoop!

Basically, Modern Meat wants to provide an alternative for the classic ‘on-the-go’ meals, which they feel could be a little more nutritious. Hey, we don’t blame them, we don’t want to know how many 7/11 taquitos we’ve eaten in our lives. To accomplish this, they’ve partnered with the Vancouver-based vending machine company UpMeals.

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The vending machine itself offers a wide variety of meals, from ‘crab’ cakes to shepherd’s pie. There’s also lighter fare available, with wraps and salads on offer. Finally, for the warmer days, you can get a smoothie made right then and there.

We’re going to keep this new option in mind the next time we’re downtown. Although, it’s hard to pass up food trucks either. Decisions, decisions…

For more info on this new smart vending machine in Vancouver, just click here!