Ground control to major find. Because a keen-eyed picker recently sold a painting by British rock star David Bowie for $108,120. Where did they get it? They found it in a thrift store in Ontario of course. What did they pay for it? $5.

It’s a dream come true for a regular thrift store shopper. But, An unnamed customer was browsing a donation centre near South River, Ontario and recognized that one painting had a name they recognized: David Bowie. It seems too good to be true, but the painting was verified as legit by a British art specialist. Talk about good luck!

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The painting is part of a series by Bowie called “Dead Heads” or “DHead” and was painted in 1997. The painting itself is an expressionist portrait of an unknown person and is called “DHead XLVI.”

Like us, you might be surprised to learn that Bowie was not just an amazing singer, musician, songwriter, and actor. But, he also studied art in school before he got big in music, and is obviously quite talented with a paintbrush!

Once the painting was put up for auction by art auctioneers Cowley Abbot, a massive bidding war started. With the original estimated valuation of the piece being around $9,000 to $12,000, the final going price of $108,120 shows how much people wanted it.

While we may never know why or how the painting ended up in a thrift store, we’re sure that whoever put it there, as well as the thrift shop, are probably really kicking themselves right now.