There are several perks of being a small, charming city, however, being home to a unique ‘one-of-a-kind’ something isn’t typically one of them. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume everything’s coming up Belleville! The Ontario city is now home to a fresh new sport, which is a unique combination of a skating bowl and a basketball court. Intrigued much?

Okay, here’s the deal- You know the skatepark at 373 Moira Street East in Belleville? Well, it recently received an interesting and quirky refresh with a basketball net and court layout. The idea is to intertwine the two sports and get the city’s youth to experience unexpected and innovative skate stunts, trick shots, and more while living the thrill.


This bold refresh is an initiative by Mentos to give the post-lockdown community spirit a much-deserved boost. Nothing like an exciting sporting adventure to brighten up our moods and lift up our spirits, right?

The combo park has been aptly termed Mentos BaSkateBowl (Ah, we love us some wordplay) and was inaugurated on September 29 in the presence of the City Councillor, Garnet Thompson and renowned skateboarders, Fay DeFazio Ebert, Annie Guglia, and Adam Hopkins who entertained us with some out-of-this-world skateboarding performances.

mentos skate park vancouver
Photos via Mentos

We wonder what other sporting magic will unravel at this park. Hard to rein in all this excitement! Whether you’re one creating the magic or one of the lucky bystanders, don’t forget to snap/gram it. And don’t worry, the park is here to stay, so you’ve got time to make your way to Belleville and check it out!