A new restaurant, Tendon Kohaku, is opening on Howe Street in Vancouver this March. What is tendon? Well, we’re glad you asked.

While spelled the same, tendon is not the stuff that attaches your muscles to your bones (thank goodness). In fact, it’s a very popular dish in Japan pronounced “TEN-don.” It’s a rice bowl topped with tempura and they look absolutely divine.

The restaurant also looks like it’s going to have super stylish decor, an extension of how great and stylish their dishes look! Their name “Kohaku” is the Japanese word for “amber,” which was inspired by the “amber perfection” of their tempura. Very poetic, if we do say so ourselves.

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Based on the pictures alone, we can’t wait to try this place out. Who wouldn’t want to at least try a whole bowl full of crispy and delicious tempura fried stuff? A stronger person than us, that’s for sure. And besides, we’ve earned it after the cold snap we just had.

They haven’t put out an official opening date, but we’ll be watching their Insta like a hawk waiting for that announcement. Click the link below to join us!

Tendon Kohaku

Where: 840 Howe Street
When: March 2021