With all the development that goes on in Vancouver, it’s easy to think that the city would stay pretty homogenous design-wise. But luckily for us, architects are looking for more and more ways to get creative with buildings. That’s especially the case with Urban Agency’s Vancouver Forest building.

The Vancouver Forest Building has been designed to be a high rise with both apartments and community space. When completed, it will have 200 residences near the Cambie Street and Marine Drive intersection, and showcase one heck of an exterior thanks to inspiration from scenic BC. The building will use materials like timber, bamboo, greenery, and more to create a sustainable and vibrant community for residents. We love the somewhat futuristic jungle look of the building and can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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Photo via Urban Agency

Two features that we find super cool with this building is an outdoor passageway that will run through the core of the building connecting communal spaces and apartments. And to make the building’s facade softer, it will have a stepped terrace from the south end. That means residents will live in a beautiful building that also gets tons of sunlight and we all know we need that in BC.

To really tie the whole thing together, trees and plants will be added to the terraces to create an overall sense of greenery. From what we know so far, this definitely seems like a building that you’ll want to keep your eyes on. If you’d like to learn more about Urban Agency’s Vancouver Forest building you can click here.