We don’t really need another excuse to eat pizza, but we’ll take it! The folks behind La Poutine Week in Canada just announced another nationwide contest called La Pizza Week. But let’s be real here- the real winners are the pizza lovers in this country. Here’s the rundown.

Like La Poutine Week, this installment is looking to showcase amazing pizza creations from coast to coast. And while strictly pizza places are sure to join in, we’re also excited to see what left-field names decide to sign up. After all, we’ve got dozens of options if we’re craving a regular old cheese pizza.

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Currently, the organizers are calling for submissions from around the country throughout April. So, if you’re already buddies with a resident pizzaiolo, maybe let them know about it. Little free press (from people like us), a couple of laughs, and an excuse to try something different and be recognized for it! That sounds like a good setup to us.

And of course, we’ll let you know who’s joining in once their participants are announced. In the meanwhile, get ready for a pizza extravaganza this May!