No matter what you celebrate every December, it’s likely that your family traditions have rarely changed and are almost never questioned. This year, because so many of us are spending the holidays not with our kin, but with significant others, quarantine buddies and roommates, people all over the world are seeing things from a different perspective. This has been documented perfectly by one Mohammad Hussain, a Canadian man who is experiencing what he considers to be a “proper Christmas” for the very first time.

“Growing up, my Muslim family never celebrated Christmas. This year I am not going home, because of the pandemic” he posted on Twitter.

Mohammad’s hilarious observations on everything from decorating the tree to gift-giving have gone viral on the platform, generating a wholesome conversation between users about differences, food, memories, and tips to make this year more bearable.

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Here are some of the highlights from his feed.

This is internet gold, friends – so, for the entire series we HIGHLY recommend that you check it out here if not for the laughs, then to donate to one or all of the various charities he listed after realizing he had practically taken over Canadian Twitter.

THIS is the kind of content that we need right now – so thank you, Mohammad Hussain – for making us chuckle even when we felt like that was an impossibility. You are a gem.