In case you needed a reason to look forward to the summer, we’ve got one for you. In 10 Port Coquitlam parks, you’ll be able to responsibly drink alcohol until October 31!

Last summer, there was a pilot project in seven parks that proved super successful. 86% of those surveyed during the project said their experience with it was good. We mean, how could you say drinking a beer with friends in the sun could be anything other than that?

The parks in PoCo that you will allow alcohol are Castle, Settlers, Gates, Lions, Aggie, Evergreen, Cedar Drive, Peace, McLean, and Dominion Parks. The last three have been added to the initial seven that were in the pilot program.

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If you’re not feeling a boozier vibe, there will be 30 other parks in the area that will still be alcohol-free.

Again, after this year they are collecting people’s thoughts to inform further decisions on the program. So, maybe that means more parks will be allowing alcohol in 2022? Who knows what the future holds!

We’re just stoked that PoCo residents have a place to have a beer and play some lawn games.

Check out the full statement right here!