Hold onto your hats, because a massive new resort has been proposed in the Fraser Valley, in the mountains lying east of Chilliwack. The Bridal Veil Mountain Resort was recently unveiled to the public, and we have to say, this could be a pretty crazy addition to the region.

The resort has been proposed by a number of BC businessmen, ranging from the founder of the Bridal Falls Golf Course to the resort architect behind Whistler Olympic Park and Whitewater Ski Resort. So it’s clear that there’s some real heft behind the idea, however, public reception has yet to be gauged.

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bridal veil
Photo via Bridal Veil Mountain Resort

Maybe in an effort to tip the scales, the involvement of local Indigenous groups is heavily featured in the proposal. So, we’re hopeful that representatives of the Stó:lō nations, whose unceded land the project is proposed on, will voice their support during the application process.

Naturally, major ski resorts require some serious planning and money, and feature many factors (environmental conservation, effects on tourism, etc..) that are frankly beyond our scope. So, we suggest heading to the Bridal Veil Mountain Resort website to learn more about this proposal.

And in the meanwhile, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any updates!