If you’re like us (and the dads of the world) and think arriving 4 hours before boarding time is a good way to fly, then you’ll soon have one more option while you’re hanging around! ACE Casinos, which currently operates in Calgary and Red Deer, has announced they’re bringing a massive new casino to the Calgary airport area.

The casino will be located at 36 Aero Crescent NE, which is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the main terminal. It’s also not the only destination around, since it’s located beside the Calgary Climbing Centre’s Hanger location and SPEEDERS Indoor Go-Karts.

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ace casino
Image via CNW Group/ACE Casinos

But, let’s get back to the casino itself. Slated to open in late 2022, the new ACE location will feature an impressive 72,000 square feet of gaming and entertainment space. This includes all the classic touches like slot machines, table games, and even a couple of private VIP rooms. You know, just in case you have a couple of hours to kill while your private jet is fuelling up.

The casino represents a major bet on the development of the Calgary airport campus, with costs reported to be around $20M. What’s more, this is technically the relocation of the Calgary location, which means the one located along Blackfoot Trail (Cash Casino) will no longer be operating.

Now, when you drive by it, you’ll at least know what’s happening!