Chances are that most of you have seen the disturbing footage of a Vancouver woman being followed last week. And after this story made the news, more and more women have been coming forward. So that’s why Harken Coffee decided to help with a special code.

Harken Coffee is a coffee shop on the Downtown Eastside and owner Eldric Stuart wants to make sure people know it’s a safe space. So if you are being followed or are in danger and are able to enter the cafe, you can order a ‘non-fat Americano’. It’s not actually a drink, but rather a code to signify that you need help.

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If you order the drink, staff will help you figure out what you need for safety. This means they can let you out the back gate, call a shelter, or the police. And it’s important to note that this is not just for cis women, it’s for anyone who is being followed and/or in danger.

We’re super happy to see businesses taking charge as people, especially women need safe spaces. If you’d like to learn more about Harken Coffee you can click here. And we hope that you never have to order a non-fat Americano but know that it is an option if you are in danger.

Harken Coffee

Where: 338 Powell St