We have to say, with the success of shows like Selling Sunseand Million Dollar Listing, we’re surprised it took this long to see a show about Metro Vancouver realtors. Well, someone has finally stepped up to the plate, and the result is sure to be interesting.

The new show is called Agent Unbreakable, and centers around the Richmond-based realtor Layla Yang and her team. Yang works for Dracco Pacific Realty, and regularly sells homes in the tens of millions of dollars. So, that’s Part 1.

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Of course, Part 2 is a wacky cast, and this show seems to have that in spades. The trailer alone is filled with cringe-inducing moments, from shirtless pics in (we’re assuming) listed homes to a laughable demo on how to walk like a winner.

The final kicker? The production company isn’t with an established network. Instead, like their past series (called Ultra Rich Asian Girls) the episodes will be released via YouTube. Well hey, if it works for them we’re down for a laugh.

Stay up to date on announcements about the show via YouTube.