We don’t know why it’s here or who put it up, but it’s cool to see that a giant ‘EDMOWOOD’ sign has been popping up all around Edmonton recently. The sign’s position changes pretty rapidly, which gives you an excuse to see parts of the city you haven’t before!

The sign first popped up last Thursday and has been moving around the city ever since. Don’t worry though- it’s easy to spot, whether you come across it in the wild or check the location via Twitter or TikTok. So far, the sign has touched down in Mayfair Park, Walterdale Hill, and more.

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Our guess is that this is some kind of guerilla local tourism campaign, and we’re down for it. After all, the sign gets you exploring your city, gives you something cool to look at, and takes place entirely outside. That’s exactly what we need this spring if you ask us.

So, keep your eyes peeled for this new ‘EDMOWOOD’ sign popping up around the city! We know that we’re going to.