Even though it’s only been around for a couple of years, The Shipyards ice skating plaza in North Van has become a must-visit for anyone looking to get a few strides in over the winter. After all, not only is it the largest ice skating surface in the region, it also offers a ton of nearby amenities to enjoy. Oh, and it’s free to access!

At a serious 12,000 square feet, the skate plaza can accommodate up to 300 skaters at a time, although this year it will be capped at half capacity so that visitors have a little more room. To help keep the capacity in check, this year there will be fencing in place (since usually, you can access the plaza from all sides).

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Like we said, if you bring your skates, then this is free to enjoy! But, don’t worry about renting, since that will be available on-site as well. Either way, once you’re on there, you can enjoy the huge space and take in some great views across the water. Pair that with a trip to the nearby Polygon Gallery (which is admission by donation) and this is an easy and cheap way to experience North Van one weekend.

Starting today, Wednesday, December 2nd, the ice skating plaza in North Van will be open from 1-8PM daily. For more information, just click the link below!

Skate Plaza at the Shipyards

When: Open daily, 1PM-8PM
Where: 125 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver