The sun is shining; the air is fresh and you look like you could use something to drink… and maybe something to eat too. Whether it’s brunch, lunch, dunch, or dinner where you are, it’s bound to be 5 o’clock somewhere else. Of course, just because we’re giving you an unofficial official pass to eat and drink whatever you want, whenever you want in celebration of the warmer weather, we do believe that should be done wisely, safely, not during work hours – and with purpose! 

Don’t whip up just anything. Instead, get creative, get coordinated, and try something new by pairing a boozy break with a backyard-friendly bite. Here’s our guide to 8 perfect summer food and drink pairings!

food and drink pairings summer
Photo via Mott’s® Clamato® Instagram

Mott’s® Clamato® Caesar and Huevos Rancheros

If you know, you know. If you don’t – let us enlighten you and all of your senses. For those of you who have yet to dabble in the wonderfully wide and versatile world of ‘the Caesar,’ just know that you could be missing out on a life-changing brunch additive, a perfect mid-day pickup and an entrée only elevated by its unique flavour. 

Though this Calgary-born sip literally pairs well with everything, we’d recommend serving it with a pre-noon fave. Huevos Rancheros and a Mott’s® Clamato® Caesar totally complement one another’s sweet and spicy flavour. Wanna toss in some new flavours into your classic Caesar lineup? Mott’s® Clamato® has tons of recipes on their website, including Peachy-Keen, BBQ Corn,  Pomegranate, Caesar Sangrita, Sweet Chili Heat, and so many more!

 Gin and Tonic with lime and Chicken Tikka Cabobs

Gin, tonic and lime – Is there anything more refreshing? Well, besides a well-made caesar, the answer is no! In 40+ heat, this iced out drink is perfect for cooling down and living it up. Of course, because it’ll go down like water you’re going to eat something a little heavier that also cuts the acidic flavor of the lime. Our suggestion? Chicken Tikka Cabobs, an easy-to-make BBQ-friendly appetizer made with chili pepper, yogurt and a whole lot of garlic. 

Full-bodied lager and BBQ Pulled Pork 

If all goes to plan, backyard cookouts will be a very real possibility in no time. Our favourite thing to toss between two buns? BBQ pulled pork! Traditionally sweet and literally dripping with flavour, this mean meal pairs well with a full-bodied lager. A darker, heavy finish and well-done meat? That’s quite literally *chefs kiss.*

A Belgian Blonde Ale and Charcuterie

food and drink pairings summer
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Sunny afternoons, whether they are spent on a patio or in the park, call for a charcuterie board, and what could possibly pair better with a pretentiously named plate of cheese than a fruity summertime-perfect beer? Wine and cheese is so winter 2020, but Belgian Blonde Ales are perfect for those hotter days where your only worry is when that wasp will leave you alone. 

Rose and Grilled Salmon

Seafood marries well with almost anything if done right, but ahead of this summer, we’d recommend pairing it with something fun and sweet – something like us… or Rose! 2021 is gearing up to have one of the craziest summers in modern history – and we think that it’s best to keep things light. 

Merlot and Vanilla Ice Cream

Who says you can eat dessert and drink it too? Whether you’re having a girls’ night in or are just looking to crush an after-dinner craving we can guarantee that the deep, dry profile of a good merlot will pair incredibly well with a chilly bowl of sweet vanilla cream.

Irish Iced Coffee and S’Mores

summer food & drink pairings
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Did you even spend summer in Canada if you didn’t engage in fireside chatter? S’mores and summer nights are a match made in flannel heaven, only made better by a solo cup of ice, Irish cream and caffeine – after all, you’ve got to outlast the rest of your friends! Right?

Champagne and Steak

After the year we’ve had – we deserve to celebrate and what in the heck says “we made it!” quite like champagne and steak. This really needs no explanation, we just thought that you should treat yourself. Here’s to summer 2021, friends! 

Drool. There you have it, friends 8 perfect summer food and drink pairings. Which one will we be trying first? Well, as the official cocktail of Canada (and summer!), you seriously can’t beat a delicious Caesar on a warm sunny day. And as the true OG mix, Mott’s Clamato is the way to go. 

summer food drink pairings
Photo via Mott’s® Clamato®

They’ve got 6 make-it-yourself mixes, including their new Mott’s® Clamato® Reserve premium made with natural ingredients and fire-roasted jalapenos, and 8 ready-to-drink cans (including their brand new Siracha flavour!) for those days where you just wanna crack open a cold one. So, we can rest easy knowing that whichever one we pick, we’re in for a treat!  

Isn’t it time for a Caesar?