We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. Some of you guys have picked up some crazy hobbies in lockdown. Some got into painting, cooking, or knitting.. others perfected their signature drink. If you were one of those who got deep into their liquor cabinet, listen up! Mixology Masters, a cocktail competition, is looking to cast Alberta’s best bartenders and alcohol enthusiasts for its TV show!

Mixologists chosen to compete will be given the opportunity to really put their skills and knowledge to the test.

Over 5 rounds contestants will go head to head in contests that challenge your understanding of various ingredients, be asked to recreate classics and create something unique (and delicious) on the fly, and be asked to demonstrate different, incredibly difficult techniques.

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“Each contestant will appear on up to seven episodes, with each episode taking a day to film.  Each episode will consist of two challenges, a technical challenge, and a timed challenge,” their website says.

Think you can handle it? Apply here and show us what you’ve got! Production for Mixology Masters is set to begin in May of this year and will wrap in mid-June, meaning there’s no time to waste! The submission deadline is Monday, February 15th Check it out now, and good luck!