A Canadian company is looking to help people with therapeutic psilocybin therapy. Yes, that’s right, magic mushrooms as they’re fondly known. But this isn’t any regular old trip, instead, TheraPsil helps Palliative Canadians. And now, they’re looking to broaden their reach.

In case you didn’t know, people have been fighting for psilocybin therapy for quite a while. Because like other monitored drug therapies it has been shown to help individuals with issues like depression and anxiety. However, psilocybin is still a controversial substance and is considered illegal unless used through section 56 exemptions.

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So with that in mind, TheraPsil has been able to help 13 Palliative Canadians to date and one non-Palliative Canadian. And due to the non-Palliative Canadian’s success, they want to broaden their reach to help more people. Because this success is a historic moment and a progressive decision by Health Canada.

But TheraPsil is a small nonprofit and that means their growth will not come without help from the greater community. So in order to reach more Canadians, they will begin fundraising to help grow their program and eventual reach. If you’d like to learn more you can click here. And we’re happy to see Health Canada working to allow more therapy options for Canadians.