Ah, if only paying tuition fees for school was like a bar tab. Hang out for a while, say you’re good for it, still get served, then pay it off if and when you can after all is said and done. Wait a second, did we just describe student loans? Either way, one Canadian beer company wants to share the load with you.

Turns out, the folks over at Old Style Pilsner are ready to give 10 lucky Canadian post-secondary students $3,000 CAD to put towards their tuition fees. They’re calling it the ‘Pilsner Tuition Tab’, which we gotta admit, we like the sounds of.

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One thing’s for sure, applying for the Pilsner Tuition Tab is a lot easier than a mid-term. In order to enter, all you have to do is tell them what you’ll do with the extra money, and come up with a name for the Pil Bunny mascot. We have no idea what to call it, but we do know what we’d do with at least part of the cash- recreate the iconic Pilsner present scene from FUBAR II.

We got the early scoop on this one, so you’ve got time to figure out your answers. The official Tuition Tab website will go live next week, on October 12th. And, it’ll be open until November 8th, so you’ve got some time to apply for it. Good luck out there, hurting post-secondary students! We absolutely feel your pain.