Before we get started, we do need to say that non-essential travel is prohibited between health regions due to current COVID-19 guidelines. So, unless you’re living in the Fraser health region, you’ll need to wait until restrictions are eased. But, once they are, you need to go check out all the amazing new sculptures that have popped up in Robert Burnaby Park.

Over the weekend, the Canadian writer and author Harrison Mooney went for a stroll in the park, and started coming across natural sculptures like a dragon or a ‘forest guardian’. Made of twine and twigs, the sculptures blend into their setting, but the time and attention put into each one is clear.

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Lucky for us, Mooney decided to document his discoveries. And what’s more, he ended up bumping into the artist herself, Nickie Lewis (@thewizardsmakery on Instagram). Apparently, Lewis had been installing the sculptures throughout the year. Neat!

While BC has its fair share of ‘magical forests’, both hidden and public, we love to see more pop up. We can’t wait to (respectfully and safely) check it out when we can!