Way back in the fall of last year (so basically a lifetime ago), we talked about how Don’t Argue was closing for good. Well, say hello to Pizzeria Grano, the new concept that has come to take its place. This delicious new pizza spot is going to become a favourite for health nuts and pizza fans alike.

Of course, those with restricted diets will rejoice at the decision for a vegan menu. Plus, they’re not just turning out pies, as a small menu with salads and small plates was also supposed to be in the works.

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But then, things really get kicked up a notch from usual ‘healthy’ fare. That’s because this is the new sister restaurant of Via Tevere, which is one of the best spots for pizza in the city, and one of the few that has Napoletana certification. While Grano won’t be certified, you can bet your sweet bottom dollar that they’re not cutting corners either. The massive new wood-fired pizza stands testament to that.

We see it as the best of both worlds. You’ve got a new pizza place that accommodates dietary concerns, while still being on the same quality as the best of the best. Yeah, we think Grano will be sticking around once it arrives.

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