If you’re feeling low, a BC singer might be the person for you. Because Surrey’s Joy Chapman just beat the world record for the lowest note sung by a woman. And let us just say, it is looooowww.

The note that Chapman sang was C1, which is the lowest note on a piano. And, if you watch the video, it’s mindblowing to hear. Her voice becomes a low growl and they need a computer to measure the note. It’s very crazy!

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And, adding to the wackiness of the story, the attempt was done on April Fools day. So, Chapman had to convince a lot of people, including her agent, that breaking the record was not a prank!\

Chapman has been attempting this record for over a year. And since starting this journey, she had to overcome a lot. She had to buy new sound equipment, work around COVID and deal with the death of her mother. This makes the accomplishment all the more impressive.

While we don’ think there will be any hit songs with that note, it’s still very cool. Kind of crazy what the human body can accomplish with training, talent, and resources. Now, we’re heading back to our couch to go down this low-note YouTube rabbit hole. Adios!