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Out of all the autumn-y things, the one that we don’t particularly care for is home maintenance. Of course, we do it because it’s super important to have the house buttoned down for the approaching winter. And let’s face it- [CITY]’s winter isn’t exactly the kindest.

The other problem is that despite spending all that time on home inspection and repair, we find ourselves caught up in one of those ‘what the heck’ moments more often than we’d like. This year, however, we’re determined to not be in a sticky situation. So, we got in touch with Rümi to have some fall homecare basics down.

As you might already know, Rümi is a multiservice home solutions platform brought to us by Alberta’s well-known ATCO. Rümi offers care for every aspect of your house; from furnace and A/C tune-ups to tree and shrub pruning and everything in between. They even sell home products like kitchenware, small appliances, and smart home solutions. Basically, they make homeowners’ lives a whole lot easier. Plus, they team up with Alberta businesses making it easy for us to support local.

In all honesty though, despite all the benefits and expertise, the real reason we consulted them was that they’re currently offering a complimentary 15-minute video consultation with a home inspector. A professional inspecting our home without us having to pay anything? Now, that’s the fall we’ve wanted all along. 

Anyway, had it not been for Rümi, we would’ve never known that our maintenance checklist was missing some very important points. So, here we are, sharing these 8 Rümi experts-given fall homecare tips that every homeowner needs to know:

Now is the time to clean your eavestroughs and downspouts

rumi homeowner tips
Photo via Rümi

Right after all the leaves have fallen is the perfect time to clean out the eavestroughs and downspouts. This will keep the water from pooling and protects your roof from built up moisture, rot and water damage. This requires a ladder, so for safety purposes, let’s leave it to the professionals for hire at Rümi.

Checking for heat leaks will save on your heating bills

If you notice the seal is peeling, this is an indicator that it could be letting heat out and/or cold drafts in. This would require your furnace to overwork. And so, checking the weatherstripping around doors, windows and the attic hatch will save on your heating bill.

Covering your A/C will protect it through the winter months

rumi homeowner tips
Photo via Rümi

There’s a trick to this one. You only have to cover the top of the A/C to protect it from debris and snow. Leaving the sides open allows ventilation and prevents moisture damage. And while most people think covering the machine alone is enough, you also need to cover the wiring and pipes that connect it to your home with a foam covering.

Turning off exterior hoses will keep pipes from freezing and/or bursting

Anyone who’s ever dealt with it knows what a pain in the neck a bursted pipe is. Do yourself a favour, turn off your outdoor hose, drain out the faucets as much as you can and then put the hose away in case there’s still leftover water in the pipe. If there’re exposed pipes, wrap them with insulating tape or foam.

Inspecting your roof can prolong its life

This is technically true for every season, but never to be neglected. Regular roof inspection is a good way to prevent it from tearing down early and avoiding big, cost-heavy repairs. You can do a simple visual inspection yourself from the ground by walking around the house, or even snagging some binoculars! You’re looking for missing or torn shingles, bald spots, accumulations of granules in the eavestroughs or downspouts.

Checking your walkways and driveway can keep you out of the ER

roads cracked closeup

Tripping over ice is a common winter happening. While we can’t guarantee there will be no falls, we sure can take preventive measures to avoid hazards. Secure any loose deck boards, pavers, or railings and make sure to have an even driveway so that it’s easy to shovel snow. 

Cleaning your fall yard will foster spring growth

Prune trees, rake leaves, and put away your patio furniture (unless it’s in a covered area). Why? Properly pruned trees can withstand harsh winter and winter storms without being damaged. It’s best to leave it to the experts. You can hire one at Rümi. Coming to leaves, buried under a blanket of snow, they can hamper growth in spring. As for patio furniture, well, it’s self explanatory- protect it from flurry, snow, and ice pellets.

Tune-up your furnace timely to avoid rush and delays

The importance of a furnace tune-up isn’t lost on anyone. You just don’t want it to break when it’s freezing outside. That said, the best time to tune it up is before winter hits. That way you can avoid the rush and have the peace of mind that your furnace is prepped for the winter.

That’s the end of our list. Now, whether you prefer doing your repairs yourself or want to hire a professional, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of Rümi’s complimentary phone/video consultation with a home inspector. And have a happy fall and safe winter. Also, you’re welcome!