Red Moon Dog 7-11. Forty-two, 30-teen. Hut one! Hut two! Who’s ready for the big game this weekend? For everyone opting out of braving the elements for a nice cozy game day experience at home, boy do we have something in store for you. We’ve teamed up with our pals at Big Chief Meat Snacks to bring you our game-day party essentials.

Good news, friends, the big game is hosted right here in our very own city. The best part of any sporting event is the snacks. That’s why we’re barking up that carnivore tree and smacking our lips with beef snacks. Let’s get game-day ready, Calgary!

So that brings us to the first essential: snacks.


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It’s the first quarter of the big game and you’re gonna toss in a hail mary? Nah Calgary, your game day snacks got to be in the zone. Dial in with your fave beef jerky from Big Chief. Your game day party deserves everything from Big Chief’s Original Beef Jerky to Hot Beef Sticks. Impress your guests and load up on popular flavours so your guests can eat ’em while they’re Hot, Teriyaki, Jalapeno or Original!


Let’s face it, no game day party is complete without a couple of adult bevies. Tool Shed Brewing is pumping out delicious brewskis including original staples like People Skills and Red Rage. PLUS seasonal ales including the Belgian Dip and Papa Bam Bam. And one of our personal faves, Prairie Pride.


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From foam fingers to a life-size cutout of your favourite player, level up your game-day party with football-themed accessories. For bonus points use a brown paper bag to cover your dining room table. Use duct tape to make yard lines and an end-zone. Then finish up your football dining room field with an end zone made of Pringles and pop your football-shaped bowl on top!


In the mood for a cocktail hold, the alcohol? Wild Tea Kombucha’s cocktail-inspired kombucha drink names might play a little trickery. From their Strawberry Daiquiri to Pineapple Mojito, take the authentically bold taste without the hangover. Wanna get a little bad and buch-y? Add a little vodka or rum to your Wild Tea!


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Nothing says team spirit than game-day face paint. Are we right?! Show your fan colors and paint it like its hot to show loyalty to your team. Foam fingers on one hand and a People Skills in the other, that’s what we’re talking about.


When you’re not busy singing along to Keith Urban, how about enjoying some Helmet Pinata, Grey Cup Bingo, or Football Bean Bag Toss? Don’t feel like flexing your sporty spice, how about judging Grey Cup commercials or Pin the Football in the Enzone? Pick your position and keep guests happy with man to man or zone entertainment!


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Round out the big game snacks with something a little sweet. Impress guests with ice cream coolers, build your own big game day sundaes or football cupcakes. Toss in sweet treats and tasty eats to stretch this cheat day right to the last belt loop.


Now things might get a little out of hand and one boozy Bucha could turn to several. Send guests home with a hangover swag bag filled with Gatorade and a couple of Advil tablets. Then again, guests can always throw a flag on the play and pull out a “sick” card if things really turn up.

There you have it pals, everything you need to know to throw the ultimate game day party!