We’re only a few short weeks from the start of spring, folks! So, that means you’re running out of time for the amazing winter options around Vancouver. And while we can’t tell you to head to Whistler for the weekend, we do have some pretty good ideas in mind.

Here are 8 things to do in and around Vancouver before winter ends.

Explore public art installations

The Vancouver Mural Fest’s Winter Arts installations wrap up at the end of February. Murals around the city have been transformed using Augmented Reality, and will come to live through your phone. It’s a pretty neat idea, and one we hope returns with other murals.

When: Ends February 28th
Where: Downtown Vancouver
Cost: Free to access

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Stroll around a winter garden

vandusen garden

You might raise your eyebrows at us, but we think that a trip to VanDusen in the winter can be just as nice as the summer. There’s something poetic about seeing winter flowers bloom, although we’re not going to try and explain it in writing.

When: Open throughout the winter
Where: 5151 Oak Street
Cost: $8.40

Try and spot some birds

birds richmond winter vancouver

The areas around Vancouver are some of the best places to see bald eagles in the entire world. While Squamish is currently a no-go, you can still head to Richmond’s regional parks to see dozens of birds, including Great Blue Herons and Bald Eagles. While they’re here year-round, winter is actually the best time to see them.

When: Throughout the winter
Where: Locations around Richmond
Cost: Free to access

Truly escape winter conditions

On the other hand, the Bloedel Conservatory is definitely a better time in the winter than the summer. Why? Because you get to enjoy a tropical paradise, complete with exotic plants and a whole swack of adorable birds.

When: Open daily
Where: Cambie Street 4600
Cost: $6.90, get tickets online

Get some laps in at the hill

winter vancouver mt seymour

Cypress, Seymour and Grouse have all had pretty amazing seasons. As long as it stays cool and rainy in Vancouver, all three should see snow throughout March. We’ll also advise that you stay on the trails, since North Shore Rescue has had to put in overtime this winter.

When: Now open
Where: Around Vancouver
Cost: Varies per hill

Or slow it down a little while still exploring

Looking for a little bit more of a relaxed option? An easy alternative is cross-country skiing at the Cypress Nordic Area. Head there for a day of fun, or try and time your visit with a winter sunset for a very picturesque evening out.

When: Open throughout the winter
Where: 6000 Cypress Bowl Road, West Vancouver
Cost: $19 and up

Get your fill of classic winter activities

grouse mountain winter vancouver

Grouse Mountain, on the other hand, has tons of winter activities, like ice skating, snowshoeing and lighted mountaintop walks to explore. If you’re simply craving a mountain experience, and not skiing/snowboarding, then this is a great choice.

When: On throughout March
Where: 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver
Cost: $29.50 and up

Grab a delicious meal

While it’s not exactly winter-dependent, Dine Out is only available in the winter. And, this year’s event is bigger than any before, with over 350 restaurants across the city participating. Looking for a new favourite spot? Check out our list of places to try.

When: Ends March 7th
Where: Restaurants around Vancouver
Cost: $15-$54

And that’s our roundup or some great things to do in and around Vancouver before the winter ends! There’s only a few weeks left folks, so make the most of it.