Calling all busy parents who just want to chill and chow down with the fam – Township’s got your back. Takeout or hang out, it’s your call. And here’s the best part: everyone can snag whatever tickles their taste buds. Whether you’re up for a midday munch, evening feast, or diving straight into dessert paradise, Township is where it’s at.

Photo via Township

Township is a shopping centre located in the SE, and they have everything a busy, on-the-go foodie needs to get over hump day. Did you work overtime and don’t have the energy to cook? Maybe the kids wormed their way out of daycare, and you’ve been trying to balance Zoom calls and hyperactive toddlers. Life happens. You deserve to treat yourself to something yummy and convenient. 

Here are 8 delicious eats you can snag with time to spare at Township.

Flirty Bird


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 For those that like it spicy, there’s nothing better than Nashville hot chicken.


Twisted Indian

 Love Indian food? Then you’ll love the fragrant spice combinations of Indian fusion.


Chopped Leaf


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 Just because it’s fast doesn’t mean there aren’t healthy options.


Cobs Bread


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 Get your weekly bread order or some freshly baked treats. You’ll be thankful to have muffins on the counter tomorrow. 


South Street Burger

 Sometimes you just want a really good burger. *insert* whatever the kids are saying instead of YOLO.


Canadian Brewhouse

 Get your weeknight treat, catch the game, and invite some friends for good times and good beer.



 Sometimes sugar is the answer. Don’t question it. 


The Tea Moon House

 Upgrade your bubble tea game, the aesthetic appeal alone is worth it.

There’s nothing like a little midweek indulgence to carry you until Friday. Township is a convenient stop for anything you might need in a pinch. There are grocery options, shopping, health and beauty services, fitness studios, along with family and pet services. It’s got everything you need, and it’s only a few minutes drive away. 



Where: On the corner of Macleod Trail and 210 Avenue SE Calgary