It’s spring and with that comes amazing blooms across the city. And while we love seeing all the plants outdoors, sometimes we want to bring them indoors. So with that in mind, here are 8 places to get plants and flowers delivered from in Vancouver.

The Flower Factory

This Main Street gem has been around since 1996! And they’re known for making beautiful bouquets of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Best of all, they have an easy online ordering system and deliver 7 days a week.

Hunters Garden Center

Hunters has pretty much everything, ranging from indoor plants to garden staples. Not to mention they also do floral arrangements. And what’s best is that they deliver as well! So if you’ve been looking for some new plant babies, be sure to check out Hunters.

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Blossom & Vine Floral Co.

This bespoke florist is offering delivery once a week on Fridays with the offerings of the week posted on Tuesdays. And while it’s not quite as available as other services, we love the unique arrangements they are offering. Be sure to check out Blossom for your next unique bouquet.

Figaro’s Garden

We definitely agree that plants make everything better and that’s why we love Figaro’s Garden. They have both indoor and outdoor plants as well as a whole host of supplies you might need to keep your plant babies happy. And as they are a very popular place, they’re a little backlogged with orders at the moment. So they will soon reopen their website for online orders and delivery and we highly recommend checking back so that you can snag all those plants you want.

Celsia Floral

If you want eye-catching bouquets and floral arrangements you should definitely check out Celsia. Not to mention they have select house plants available and some pretty planters. And of course, they are offering delivery. So if you’re looking for that perfectly Instagrammable bouquet, check out Celsia.

Bloom Room Botanical Gallery

This East Van favorite has a selection of beautiful indoor plants and also does floral arrangements. So whether you need new plant babies or a bouquet to cheer up your home, be sure to check out the Bloom Room. And they do delivery as well!

The Granville Island Florist 

If you’re looking to knock it out of the ballpark with a bougie as bougie gets floral arrangement then The Granville Island Florist should be your pick. They do it all from big to small and are a well-loved and local florist. And of course, they deliver so you might as well go big.

Hilary Miles

And if you need a star-studded floral arrangement, Hilary Miles should be your choice. This local florist was known for her amazing floral work in film as well as for many many events around the city. And while she has passed on, the present owner Jenha is equally as skillful and will fulfill your wildest floral dreams. And you’ve probably guessed it already but delivery is available.

We hope you enjoy this list of places to get plants and flowers delivered from in Vancouver. And we hope you take this opportunity to bring some greenery to your life. Or maybe send plants and flowers to a friend! You know what might make someone’s day.

Have a great day Vancouver!