Hey Vancouver, we hope you’re having a good week so far. Since we know going out this weekend is off the table we’re going to share 8 breweries that will deliver beer to your door. That’s right, beer directly to your door. And what’s even better is that you’re helping small businesses. See, 2020 is bringing good things, beer delivery!

So whip out your ID and get to cruising the best of Vancouver’s breweries online.

33 Acres Brewing Co.

We’ll bet you’ve had brunch at this Vancouver favorite. And we’ll guess you’ve also had a brew or two. So why not stock up on your faves from 33 Acres? Buying for a friend? Heads up, any gift card purchased goes 100% to affected staff members. Learn more about that here.

Where: 15 West Eighth Ave., Vancouver

Andina Brewing

This brewery is all about infusing the flavors and scents of South America and BC. That sounds like a pretty unique brew if you ask us!

Where: 1507 Powell St., Vancouver

Bomber Brewing

Sports and super minimal, aesthetic packaging is what comes to mind here. The beer is pretty dang good as well.

Where: 1488 Adanac St., Vancouver

East Van Brewing Co.

This brewery is inspired by community and as a result, they craft some pretty dang fine beer. They also have a campaign running to help save the bees of East Van which is pretty cool.

Where: 1675 Venables St., Vancouver

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Electric Bicycle Brewing Co.

The award for the weirdest brewery name definitely goes to Electric Bicycle. But hey, whatever works. The people of Vancouver love their beer and tasting room so clearly something is working here.

Where: 20 East Fourth Ave., Vancouver

Main Street Brewing

This brewery has one of the cooler physical locations. Plus we trust them to make a solid beer. So stock up while you can!

Where: 261 East Seventh Ave., Vancouver

Postmark Brewing

This brewery exudes the west coast vibe. They’re all about remaining authentically BC and we think they’re doing a good job. And if you were wondering the beer is pretty dang tasty.

Where: 55 Dunlevy Ave., Vancouver

Strange Fellows Brewing

Strange Fellows is all about keeping it creative and they have done just that. We’re thankful for the space they provide to local creators. And we’re thankful that they continue to make dependable and tasty beer.

Where: 1345 Clark Drive

Note: Shortly after publishing this article, we caught wind of a couple more local spots offering delivery. So, now you get 2 bonus options, too!

Superflux and Strathcona Brewing Companies

Here’s a nice way to go about delivery- keep the delivery service itself local. On Wednesday of this week, both Strathcona and Superflux started selling their beers online. Plus, the $5 delivery fee goes right back to their employees. That’s something we can feel good about.

Where: 895 E Hastings Street

House of Funk Brewing

These guys deliver beer and coffee, so it’s really a two-birds-one-stone scenario for you. Plus, they offer beer delivery throughout North Van, West Van and Vancouver itself! Great for those of you who don’t live right within the city.

Where: 350 Esplanade E, North Van

We all know Vancouver is a city that loves its beer. That being said, we’re sure lots of local breweries are doing delivery or pick up. So if you don’t see your favorite brewery listed here, don’t fret. Check their social media and websites for more updates. But we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the brews from all of these local favorites.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the lovely world of beer delivery!