Even though this fall has been pretty mild, we’re still craving some amazing comfort food takeout from all the best Edmonton restaurants. So, consider this list to be our personal go-to’s. Whether we want perogies or pasta, ramen or ribs, this guide has us covered.

Here are 8 great spots for comfort food takeout and delivery in Edmonton.


It’s hard to beat an Indian food feast on a cold fall evening. We’re not saying that Khazana is the hands-down winner citywide, but we do know that every time we’ve ordered from here we’ve enjoyed it. Some chicken tikka masala, maybe some daal, and some naan would hit the spot right now.

Northern Chicken

Maybe you’re more in the mood for some fried chicken. No problem, because Northern Chicken has you more than covered. Our advice? Don’t skip past their Doritos mac and cheese as a side dish. Filling, cheesy and delicious! The perfect accompaniment for a bucket.

Dorinku Osaka

While sushi usually comes to mind, Japan has no shortage of great, down-home cooking dishes. Dorinku has the all-time classic, ramen, but there’s more than meets the eye here. Our picks? Takoyaki (octopus ball things), the beef curry rice, and okonomiyaki (a savoury pancake that’s rare to see in Canada).


More than a few Curiocity team members have got Eastern European roots. So, we’d be wrong to omit the heartiness of some perogies, borscht, and maybe even a little kielbasa. Luckily, Shumka covers all those bases. Plus, you can even get some frozen ones to cook at home!

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On the other hand, some brisket and pulled pork are also a great option. MEAT specializes in both (they’ve also got mac and cheese), and their sandwich options are a perfect lunch if you happened to miss breakfast. For a truly decadent meal, keep their pecan pie in mind.

The Sherlock Holmes Pub

This pub has long been a favourite for university students and regular citizens alike. And, they’ve definitely got the most diverse menu on this list. Sure, there are mini Yorkshire puddings to try. But, you can also treat yourself to pakoras, nachos and a burger. Great for when you can’t decide what you want.

OEB Breakfast Co.

For better or worse, we have to tip our hats to this breakfast spot that started in Calgary. We’ve yet to find a more filling option that their bowl options, especially if you opt for something with pork belly or duck confit. Definitely a sleeper hungover breakfast pick, if we’re being completely honest.

Sweet Pea

We couldn’t pass up on showcasing plant-based options, either. Two dishes off of Sweet Pea’s menu are right up our alley for this list- the Beyond Sausage Cheezy Hash and the Cheezy Pasta with vegetables. That’s right, you’ve got both breakfast and dinner options here.

And that’s our list of the best places for comfort food takeout and delivery in Edmonton! We hope that you enjoy your next night-in, folks!