With the summer months (finally) upon us, it’s basically impossible not to wanna emerge from our homes and check out every restaurant we’ve been adding to our bucket list the past few months. But… money. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you were actually gettin’ money back while spending it?

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So, time to get back to talkin’ about 8 of our favourite places to grab a bite in Edmonton and earn money while we do it!


biera neo financial edmonton
Photo via Curiocity Group

We’re starting off strong with a spot that has quickly become a must-visit spot in the city. Originally an offshoot of Blind Enthusiasm Brewing, Biera’s incredible dishes cemented it among the best restaurants in the city within a matter of months. Plus, their Biera Box has been an incredible addition to the takeout menu.

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From a U of A hidden gem to a city-wide name, Filistix offers absolutely delicious Filipino and southeast Asian cuisine. We’ve got a trinity of dishes to recommend here- the pork adobo for a classic option, the spaghetti and fried chicken for a pairing you never know could be so good, and pork belly fillibun for those on the go.

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Kind Ice Cream

kind ice cream
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We’ll bet you’re already big fans of Kind Ice Cream because let’s face it, who isn’t? And now that you’re getting rewarded for all those delicious cones, you can explore more and more flavours of the menu. Kind Ice Cream is the spot in Edmonton to enjoy handcrafted ice cream that’s sure to knock your socks off.

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Burger Baron

We feel obliged to include this historic franchise in our roundup. Likely started only 2 years after McDonald’s was founded, Burger Baron has managed to keep Albertans coming back for decades. We’re personally fans of their mozza burger, but we know it’s the mushroom sauce that’s truly special.

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Highlevel Diner

Speaking of historic names, the Highlevel Diner will be celebrating its 40th anniversary next year, which is pretty wild. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, you name it, this diner is a favourite for U of A students and residents alike. A clubhouse sandwich to snack on in a nearby park on a summer’s day sounds like just about heaven to us.

Neo Cashback: 8-10% cashback


el beso neo financial edmonton
Photo via Curiocity Group

Having opened mere months before the pandemic hit, EL BESO has managed to raise the bar for Mexican cuisine in Edmonton. With a menu that covers everything from tacos to queso fundido to desserts, EL BESO is a can’t-miss spot if you’re looking to enjoy some summer dining. Of course, it’s made all the better by a couple of their cocktail-to-go kits.

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Partake has struck a crazy balance between refined and casual, and there’s no better way to sum that up than with their latest creation- ‘Coq Au Vin’ Poutine. Looking for something a little more true to form? Don’t worry, French classics like onion soup, beef tartare and beef bourguignon are still available as well.

Neo Cashback: 8-10% cashback

June’s Delicatessen

Now we’re thinking about sandwiches, and so we have to include this incredible new spot that only opened in the fall of 2019. We visit June’s for two reasons mostly. Either we’re craving a delicious bagel in the morning, or looking for a smoked meat fix in the afternoon. Luckily, they’ve got both those and much more, including their own meal kits and even a couple of bottles of wine.

Neo Cashback: 8-10% cashback

Ok Edmonton, there you have it, 8 mouthwatering places to check out this summer. But before you do, you’re going to wanna take a min and sign up for Neo Financial! With a quick and easy sign up process, you’ll be on your way to earning cashback at these places in no time, and you’ll even get $25 (on Neo!) just for signing up.

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