Welcome to 2021, folks! If you’re looking to start things on a healthier foot, then we suggest checking out some amazing virtual workout classes from Edmonton’s best studios. And, we’ve got everything from classic yoga classes to high-intensity and equipment-dependent workouts. Basically, however you want to stay in shape, we’ve got options.

Here are 7 Edmonton studios (with a bonus) offering amazing virtual workout classes.

Studio B

This Edmonton studio specializes in low-impact workouts, using a bar or a trampoline for them. The good news? It’s pretty easy to find a bar substitute at home, and the variety of workouts means all fitness levels can be accommodated.

Cost: $27.99/month, click this link to check out a free trial

Hive Fit Co.

Hive Fit Co. has a ton of different on-demand and livestreamed workouts available, from yoga to cycling to HIIT.  Although the unlimited pass is pricey at $120/month, those who already have the workout gear at home can basically get gym-level training. Fortunately, single passes and subscriptions are much cheaper.

Cost: $10 and up, click here for more info

SATTVA School of Yoga

Maybe you’re more of an ‘I’m going to be amazing at one thing’ kind of person. Well, yoga does have the ability to tick most of the fitness boxes. And, SATTVA doesn’t only do online classes, they also offer online yoga teacher training. Perfect if you feel like switching careers anytime soon.

Cost: $10 and up, click here for more info

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Like HIVE, XTherapy offers a range of workouts, from cycling to bar and HIIT and even yoga. However, at $14.99/month this is a much cheaper option (all the classes are on-demand), and one of the best value deals on this list. For that alone, this is definitely one of our top picks for virtual workout classes in Edmonton.

Cost: $14.99/month, click here for more info


Normally specializing in personal training, this studio is offering a variety of livestreamed classes every week. Also, for those who picked up the sticks this year, this is the only studio we know of that offers golf-specific workouts. Might not be the best for you, but your parents could love it.

Cost: $15 and up, click here for more info

F.R.E.E. Fitness

Now, this is a pretty interesting one. With a program that allows you to “pay how you feel” per training session, you really won’t break the bank with these classes. In fact, they have a bunch of online workouts available for free right now.

Cost: Free and paid programs


This one actually has a library of over 180 pre-recorded workout classes for you to enjoy. There is more content added weekly so you’ll never get bored, and you can even rent equipment from the studio if need be!

Cost: $60/month, click here for more info


Although this is a Calgary-based studio, they’re the only ones we could find that offer virtual boxing classes. So, if shadowboxing to the Rocky theme song is more your speed, this is the place to look. Plus, if you’ve already got a heavy bag, you can opt for more serious training.

Cost: $29/month, click here for more info

And that’s our roundup of 7 great Edmonton (plus one Calgary) studios offering amazing virtual workout classes. Now, all you need to do is pick one and see what you think of it! Have fun out there, folks!