Happy Earth Day, Folks! This year has brought about a lot of extra time for us all. Time to take on new projects, binge every good (and bad) TV show on Netflix, and hopefully make some positive changes in our day-to-day lives. 

So with that in mind, this year for Earth Day we’ve partnered with our friends at Flora, a plant-based alternative to butter, to bring you a list of some easy changes we can all make to step up our green game. You were going to need a spring/summer project anyway!

Recycled Packaging

When it comes to grocery shopping, it can seem like the selection is endless. One way to narrow it down? Opting for environmentally friendly packaging! Companies like Flora sell their Plant-Based Bricks in plastic-free, paper packaging. Not only does this make a positive environmental impact, but it means you’ll get to bake some delicious treats and feel good about it! 

Beeswax Wraps 

We’re all guilty of reaching for some plastic wrap to cover up those small leftovers… and over time, not only is this expensive, but it’s terrible for the environment. The solution? Grab some eco-friendly Beeswax Wraps. You’ll save in the long run and help the planet… plus, they’re definitely an upgrade from plain ol’ plastic wrap! 

Less Meat and Dairy 

We’re not sayin’ you’ve gotta cut it all out. But studies show that if every Canadian did a once-weekly swap for a plant-based meal, it could reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by 30 million tonnes of CO2 (the equivalent of taking 6 million cars off the road!). And with brands like Flora and Violife makin’ delicious alternatives to cheese and butter? It’s easier than ever!

Via Curiocity Group

Reusable Picnic/Dinner Sets

As summer approaches and we get ready for the outdoor BBQs and picnics, let’s remember how terrible single-use plates and cutlery are for the environment and try to snag some reusable sets. Not only are these 100x better to look at, but you can fit way more delicious food on them without worrying about them breaking. Win-win! 

Fabric Shopping Bags

This one is a no-brainer… but we still seem to forget our reusable bags from time to time, and end up coming home with a mountain of plastic shopping bags. Our advice? Store your reusable bags in multiple places so you have a backup plan. We’re talkin’ the pantry, hall closet, and especially your car!

Swap dryer sheets for dryer balls

Cut the static and the waste! These reusable wool dryer balls work just as well as those classic dryer sheets, and you won’t have to find them scattered around your home every time you do laundry. 

Reusable Coffee Filters

We’re saving money by makin’ all this coffee at home, so why not try and save on the waste too? Reusable coffee filters are affordable, easy to clean, and mean you’ll never have to make another last-minute trip to the store to grab some paper ones! 

Reusable Cleaning Products 

There’s really no selling point to single-use cleaning products. They’re expensive, bad for the environment, and kind of an eyesore. The solution? Ditch ‘em this year and opt for some reusable bottles. Luckily, there are tons of Canadian companies that sell eco-friendly products that allow you to refill without the waste.

Via Curiocity Group

Coast to coast, Canadians are truly spoiled with the breathtaking places we get to call home, and it’s about time we really stepped up our green game in order to protect this beautiful  place. We’ve only got one earth, team. Let’s do our part! 

Hit up our friends at Flora, to shop their sustainable plant-based alternatives to butter, and follow @floraplantca on instagram now!