We are just going to come out and say it­− we love thrift shopping! And anyone who’s pretending otherwise is doing him/her/themselves no favour whatsoever because as it turns out, we aren’t alone. Thrifting is having a major moment RN with more and more people becoming planet and cost-conscious.

Plus, thrift stores like Goodwill make it really hard to not incorporate thrifting into our retail regime. How many times have you walked into Goodwill and walked out without proudly bagging at least an item or two? Assumably never.

goodwill alberta
Photo via Goodwill Alberta

With the raging popularity thrift shopping is currently enjoying we decided to decode the reasons why and here goes the list…

1. Affordable, Affordable, AFFORDABLE

It’s no news to anyone but one of the primary reasons everyone loves thrift shopping is that it is easy on the pocket. The obvious reason for this is the pre-used inventory of thrift stores. The not-so-obvious reason is that many, like Goodwill Alberta, are charitable setups. So, shopping in these stores is tax-free meaning even lower prices.

2. All Vintage Everything

No one does vintage like thrift stores. To find once-loved-and-still-lovable pieces is part of the charm of thrifting, especially now with ‘vintage’ being the newest fashion trend. With the 2020 runways full of archival and upcycled fashion, the vintage vibe was only to be expected.

3. Conscious Fashion

There have never been more champions of the sustainable and no-waste movements than now and thrift stores are both sustainable and no-waste compatible. By recycling and upcycling fashion items, they don’t just reduce fashion waste and fabric treatment-related environmental damage but are also revamping fashion’s image as a mega pollutant. It’s no wonder then that thrift shopping is becoming every conscious fashionista/er’s haven for living and breathing fashion guilt-free. In 2020, Goodwill diverted 16 million kg from the landfill!

4. Great Finds Gratification

Let’s be honest, despite all our claims that it’s for the environment, part of the reason (and a considerable part too) is the satisfaction of finding great pieces at dirt-cheap prices. You do need some patience but the feeling of closeting Jimmy Choo pointy-toes, a classic Birkin or a pair of Bottega Veneta sunnies without shelling out a month’s (or three’s) paycheck is absolute bliss.

5. Clothes, Shoes & Beyond

While they are most popular for great fashion finds, many thrift stores go beyond fashion items and house several home decor and improvement pieces as well. Frames, lamps, silverware, etc. The current inventory of Goodwill Alberta, for example, has this one light blue dresser that we’re itching to buy right away.

6. Supporting A Good Cause

As much as we love finding a good bargain on an unreal item that we know won’t be in everyone’s closets or homes, there is an even better feeling from shopping at Goodwill. Their mission is to provide Albertans with disabilities the chance to better their lives through meaningful employment, and they do a pretty good job at it! As one of the largest employers of Albertans with disabilities, around 30% of their employees have a self-disclosed disability. Even more? 89 cents of every dollar going back into this mission! 

7. Other Perks

As unbelievable as it sounds, despite their already super low prices, many thrift stores offer further discounts and loyalty programs making it impossible to not love thrifting. Plus, many have now gone online for curbside pick-up, so shopping pre-used is easier than ever. Incidentally, Goodwill Alberta (yes, again with Goodwill because we’re currently obsessing over it) offers all three− weekly discounts, rewards and curbside pick-up for select items.

So Albertans, if you’re looking for a fashion quick-fix, a budgeted Halloween costume or simply planning on enjoying the good ol’ retail therapy, Goodwill is the place to be.

Check out their website here to shop online, find the nearest location to you, or learn how to donate items today!