Okay, here’s the thing− the very best gift for any car lover would be their dream car. The problem is that with the kind of budget we (or many of us, at least) are working on, ‘let’s get that 718 Boxster S’ is hardly a statement we can make. So, we decided to curate a more doable list of gifts that are fun, functional, and definitely something the car-anovas on our list (and yours too) will appreciate.

We went picking the brains of experts at Mr. Lube for our gift list. Why them? ‘Cause they are every Canadian’s go-to for all things car servicing for a reason (or three) − they are quick, they’re affordable and they’re one of the best. Plus, they changed the face of the Canadian auto service industry with their ‘no appointment needed’ and ‘stay in the car’ service (approved oil change, in particular) and also the same-day winter tire change.

And while Mr. Lube is a trusted brand across Canada, we Edmontonites have a bigger loyalty to it, what with the brand being Edmonton-born. From one father-son-run garage to a whole fleet of 170 service centres country-wide, the brand has done us proud.

mr lube gifts for car lovers
Photos by Curiocity

So yes, we didn’t expect anything less than ingenious from them. And they certainly did not disappoint. From model cars to gaming wheels to that of complete car care, there’s something for every type of car lover here. Check it out!

#1 Gift card for car care

Whether they need new tires and fluid changes or they fell victim to the oh-so-common chipped windshield, a Mr. Lube gift card is the perfect gift to give to that very practical car enthusiast on your list. Plus, with 8 locations in Edmonton, they won’t have to go far to have their needs met.

#2 Car detailing kit

For the car-lovers who tend to go the extra mile when cleaning and up-keeping their vehicles, a DIY car detailing kit is usually a winner.

#3 Tile Bluetooth Tracker

You know those frustrating instances when we were damn sure that we left our key in the jacket pocket, but couldn’t find it there? Gift them relief from this frustration with a Bluetooth tracker for their key.

#4 Ember Smart Heated Mug

For anyone who’s living on the go or living out of their car, the ideal gift is the ability to enjoy their beverage nice and warm, especially now in the colder months. And this heated travel mug will do just that.

#5 Portable Jump Starter

If you don’t speak car, this is a booster that is used to bring a car back to life when its battery is all drained out. What better gift for a car-lover than a safety net to keep their car running, eh?

#6 Model Car

Just because we can’t gift the car fanatics in our life an actual Porsche, doesn’t mean we can’t gift them a gorgeous miniature either.

#7 Logitech Gaming Wheel

We all have that someone in our lives who can’t get enough of cars even in the virtual world. A gaming wheel for their car racing marathons is sure to make them very happy.

These were some cool-ass holiday gifts for the car-loving/owing folks on your holiday list that’ll truly make their holiday season jolly.