Let’s get one thing out of the way− we don’t really need a reason to enjoy a few (‘cause when is it only one, eh?) margaritas. Hard day at work? Shake up a marg. Lazing around with the gang on Sunday? Mix a batch. Al fresco dinner party? Blend a few jars.

That said, if there is an excuse to drink this Mexican classic all day long, in the middle of the friggin week… well, count us in. So, we thank the cocktail Gods for Feb 22, aka, National Margarita Day.

The best part- Margarita being a drink of possibilities, there are so many creative riffs we can try out. Whether you like it straight-up or on the rocks, spicy or salty, sweet or bright, fruity or spirit-forward, there are countless ways to celebrate this cocktail of celebrations.

The only thing to keep in mind when mixing a concoction is the quality of ingredients. Because it’s such a versatile drink, the only way to spoil it is by using low-quality ingredients, especially tequila. It is, after all, the primary ingredient. And so, for many years now, we’ve trusted Patrón, not just for our trip down Margaritaville but for all tequila cocktails.

Tequila enthusiast or not, you most likely already know Patrón, the Bacardi-owned brand that first brought premium tequila out of Mexico. Produced in small batches in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, all of their tequilas are handcrafted using 100% fine quality blue weber agave with absolutely zero additives. This is what makes the flavours complex and deep, making it perfect for any tequila drink. And this is why it’s our go-to for this occasion.

Patrón silver anejo and reposado tequila
Photo via Patrón

After grabbing a bottle, we found some amazing margarita recipes that are sure to spice up our (and your) celebration. And they’ve listed everything you need to craft these refreshing variations- from ingredients to mixing methods to pro tips.

Tommy’s Margarita

This twist on the OG margarita (tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice) has now acquired the modern classic status. This flavourful delight sticks to its roots by replacing the orange liqueur with agave nectar.

Patrón margaritas
Photo via Patrón

Strawberry Margarita

This fruity margarita is an added twist to Tommy’s Marg. It’s the same recipe, only this one is infused with fresh strawberries. This has to be our favourite way to eat fruit!

Spicy Margarita

This titillating beauty brings two Mexican classics together- tequila and jalapeños. It’s perfect for the experimental type and also those with a tolerant palate. Plus, it gives you additional variations. You can pick your fruity note between mango, blood orange or beet. Mixer’s choice!


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Mango Margarita

This delicious libation is sweet, fruity, bright and spicy all at once. While the cocktail itself is a blast of fruity, citrusy notes, the chili salt-rimmed glass adds a nice, spicy kick to it.

Watermelon Basil Margarita

As can be guessed from the name, this is for those like us who love herbal flavours. While the watermelon takes care of the fruity notes, fresh basil gives it a rich herbal profile. One that’s refreshing and delish at the same time.

Patrón watermelon basil margarita
Photos via Patrón

Frozen Margarita

This twist to your classic margarita recipe is blended with crushed ice. The only addition to the original recipe is orange juice to keep the ice from diluting the fruity flavour.

Ready to try these refreshing libations? Well, gather up the squad and start mixing! To find more Patrón recipes, visit their website.