So, you have kids on your holiday shopping list? That means by now you’ve already figured that shopping gifts for these adorable tots isn’t as easy as your Insta feed made it look. That is, of course, if you really want to give them something unique, something of value and something that doesn’t diminish in a pile of other gifts.

Lost for ideas? Well, we, VTech and LeapFrog have got you covered. VTech and LeapFrog are toy and gaming brands that are leading the scene when it comes to tech-forward, educational toys. Now, if the idea of educational toys seems boring to you, we suggest you take a look at the below list and prepare to have your mind blown away (figuratively, of course).

Whether it is for your kids, or kids of your siblings and cousins, here are 6 unique gifts that will definitely make you a hit with the fam this season.

VTech KidiZoom PrintCam

You know what’s more fun than snapping your way through the holidays? Having those memories in a hardcopy instantly. That’s what your kids can do. And no, they don’t need the vintage, heavy Polaroid for this, all they need is a tech-forward PrintCam. It does everything a digital cam would and also gives you black-n-white prints instantly.

Price: $93.99

VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam

vtech toys for children
Via VTech

If you think visual effects are for professionals alone, allow us to introduce you to VTech’s KidiZoom Creator Cam. With more than 20 background effects, a green screen and a table-top tripod, kids can explore their creative movie-making skills.

Price: $83.99

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX3

If you’re sick of your kid asking you to get him a watch like yours, here’s your solution- the VTech Smartwatch DX3. Kids can take pics and selfies, record videos, set reminders and play games from this tiny little watch alone. They can even pair with other Smartwatch DX3s to play games with friends.

Price: $72.99

LeapFrog LeapLand Adventures

vtech toys for children
Via VTech

This is the perfect game for kids learning colours, numbers, letters and shapes. The levels can be replayed and allow players to accumulate gems and treasures each time. So, kids can learn at their own pace and feel rewarded. Plus, you don’t need internet to play this, the game works with an HDMI stick and USB  cable.

Price: $41.99

LeapFrog On-the-Go Story Pal

vtech toys for children
Via VTech

Imagine more than 70 stories, songs, poems and lullabies put together in a cute little bunny toy that can be carried everywhere. That, folks, is the On-the-Go Story Pal for you. It even lets you record up to 10 minutes of whatever song or story you want and set up playlists. Sleep time made easy!

Price: $36.99

LeapFrog Count-Along Basket & Scanner

Yes, it’s a basket. And yes, it will make kids count along as they add food items into the basket. But here’s the thing- it actually has three different modes that will allow kids to learn shapes, colours and even names of the food items. Oh, and this basket turns into the cutest food cart ever!

Price: $46.99

Told you, you’ll have your mind blown away because these toys (can these cool things even be called toys) are anything but boring. And since most of these are something the whole family can enjoy together, we’re sure you’ll have a very happy holiday!