The new year is just around the corner, and that means it’s the perfect time to think about making some positive adjustments to your lifestyle. Dry January is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean we can’t put a new spin on it!

After the wild ride that was 2020, we are all eagerly anticipating better things in 2021. Thanks to Partake Brewing, you can enjoy craft non-alcoholic beer that is super low-calorie (we’re talking 10-30 cals per can). While simply avoiding alcohol is definitely a great way to partake in Dry January, we put together a list of additional ways to upgrade your lifestyle for a healthier, happier version in the new year!

Fuel up with healthy foods

dry january rainy day fund

Make no mistake, we’re not yo-yo diet fans over here. Healthy looks different for everyone, so maybe it’s as simple as starting your day with a smoothie or choosing to cook at home instead of grabbing that convenient but deep-fried option at a drive-thru. Everything in moderation!

Readjust your social calendar

dry january rainy day fund

The pandemic may have done this one for us with bars and restaurants being closed down and our social gatherings limited. That said, indulging in some alone time can help you save a bundle as well as finding new ways to spend your free time. Instead of going for beers with your buds, maybe you’re going for a walk or diving into that book you’ve been meaning to crack open.

Take time to get organized

dry january rainy day fund

Why wait until spring to do some deep cleaning? The dead of winter is a great time to comb through your cupboards, drawers, and closets and figure out what you need and what you can sell or donate, and give your home a bit of a spruce to liven up the place when it’s grey outside. We’re big fans of the Konmari Method so try it out and find what brings you joy!

Move your body

dry january rainy day fund

Being active in the winter isn’t impossible, just maybe a little chilly at times! Whether you’re into hitting the slopes, taking a spin around the ice rink, or going for a snowy hike, working some exercise into your routine can help chase away those winter blues.

Add to your rainy day fund

dry january rainy day fund

Part of all this not drinking and staying home is that you’re saving quite a bit of money. Dinner and drinks out with friends can get expensive quickly, so when you choose to cook at home and pick up a case of non-alcoholic beer, you get to tuck that extra cash away to spend on something more worthwhile.

Enjoy craft beer without the alcohol

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No matter how you choose to approach the new year, leaving booze behind for a month (or more) doesn’t mean you have to give up the taste of truly great beer. The craft non-alcoholic beer from Partake Brewing is the perfect choice because it is low-calorie (only 10-30 calories per can) and crafted to perfection to deliver that smooth, crisp refreshment that you crave. Simply swap out your typical brews for one of Partake’s 5 styles of craft non-alcoholic beer!

Starting with small changes makes a new, healthy lifestyle feel a lot less daunting, and before you know it, you’ll be automatically choosing better-for-you options without even thinking about it. No matter which healthy habits you add to your day-to-day, you can kick back with Partake Brewing’s craft non-alcoholic beer and feel good about your choices while being good to your body. Find out where you can pick up a case using Partake’s store locator, or shop online and get it delivered!