Selling your home in Vancouver seems like it should be pretty straightforward. There is massive demand, bidding wars, and skyrocketing prices, but that still doesn’t mean you’re going to get the best value for your home or have the best experience selling it.

That’s where Bōde Canada comes in. It’s a digital platform that allows users to buy and sell their homes themselves, no middlemen necessary. With access to Bōde’s data, resources, expertise, and digital tools, users can take control of the entire home real estate process. 

Better yet, Bōde only collects 1% of the sale, meaning you’re getting the most bang for your real estate buck as possible. 

Interested? We thought so, that’s why we’ve teamed up with Bōde’s real estate experts to give you 6 amazing tips for selling your home in Vancouver.


bode vancouver selling your home tips
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Data is absolutely quintessential to a successful home selling experience. Knowing the market not only gets you insights on how to price your home to maximize your chances of scoring a great offer, but also shows you what type of properties you’re competing against. 

Setting up realistic expectations will make your experience so much smoother, and lucky for you, Bōde will take care of it. Bōde provides comprehensive data, accessible right through the website, so you have everything on hand at all times.


This one is counterintuitive. The conventional belief is that sellers are in charge of the real estate agents’ commission. However, when setting the selling price, sellers usually include that portion into the listing price, which is actually paid by the buyer! 

bode vancouver selling your home tips
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To optimize your chances, by saving the agent’s commission allows you to put out a much more competitive listing price. And you get to keep more of that money, that’s a win in our books. 

When you list your home with  Bōde, sellers only pay 1% and only when the deal closes. You are also 3X more likely to sell to a buyer without an agent saving that transaction cost too!


Traction comes from exposure, and exposure totally depends on how visible and how attractive your listing is. Simple, right? That comes down to how creative your marketing strategy is, and Bōde really can help you step up your game. 

Personalized digital campaigns are tailored to your home and your needs. Plus, they cover the cost of professional photos for you, and that’s a big win if you ask us. And pro tip, consider getting a 3D video tour included in your listing! 


Home staging can play a key part in how buyers perceive and connect to your property. Consider getting it done professionally, since it can totally free up your time, while giving you some pro tips in the process.

selling your vancouver home
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Just remember to keep your place bright and comfy, to really make a difference when it comes to first impressions. After all, you’ll want the potential buyers to feel at home, and picture themselves living in the space. 


As a seller, you should feel confident and empowered to be in control of the conditions you’re willing to accept before closing on an offer. Buyers’ conditions typically include financing, home inspection, and potential other clauses that can impact you as a seller.

Setting up a backup offer is a great way to keep your options open, should any condition from the initial offer fail to be waived.  And, Bōde will help you every step of the way! 


Don’t be fixated on selling, ‘cause likely once you start receiving offers, you won’t have much time on your hands before you end up on the other end of the transaction, as a buyer, looking for your next home. Luckily, Bōde equips you equally well with all the tools and support you need to be a successful buyer – for free! 

So folks, there you have it! 6 tips straight from the experts, so if you’re thinking of selling your home- Bōde’s got your back!