So, this piece of news just came our way− CAA has launched a new brand, Driven by Good, a platform that celebrates Everyday Heroes, Community and all things Developed for Good.

Simply put, it’s a stage to share inspiring stories of everyday heroes of our community. 

That got us thinking about the heroes in our lives, including those who make us feel welcome when we move into a new neighbourhood. 

Contrary to how easy these welcoming heroes make it seem, making friends as adults can be tough. And so, we curated this list of six simple and modern ways to welcome your neighbours without making things awkward! 

Here goes the list−

Just say “Hello”

Welcoming a neighbour
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Just introduce yourself! And keep it short and sweet. Let the intros happen once they’ve had a few days to settle in. Unless you’re going to help carry boxes, try not to make convo until they’ve unloaded everything.

Bring a bottle of wine

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A bottle of wine is always a fail-safe gift for everyone. with all the unpacking on their hands, they may want nothing more than a bottle and you might just be their knight in shining armour. Even if they don’t drink wine themselves, they can still find a use for it-serving, cooking or gifting. 

Assemble a welcome goodie bag

Give a goodie bag with some of your fave local items. Is your neighbourhood known for its unreal deli? Coffee shop? Fresh bakery? Introduce yourself with a little care package to show them what they can expect from their new community

Don’t forget about their pets

Dog welcome
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If they’ve got pets, 1) they are our kind of neighbours and 2) a little goodie bag of treats is a great way to get in their good books.

Give a flower basket

A basket full of pretty blooms is another great welcome gift. If you’ve got a garden that you’re willing to chop from, that works too. Otherwise, anything to hang outdoors and not take up space inside their home while they navigate all the boxes is great.

Share any local info

Family welcoming neighborhours
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One of the best things to do for any new community member is to fill them in on all things good and all things bad in the hood. Things like what trails to check out, which restos to hit up (or maybe avoid), any community groups they can join, etc.

Told you our list was simple and easy to follow. Here’s to making new friends (and having more people to pick up our mail when we’re out of town)!