Alright, Toronto, we love ourselves some city views just as much as the next person, but nothing quite compares to gettin’ out of the concrete jungle every now and then and finding ourselves smack in the middle of nature. The only things to think about? What trail to hit, and what snacks to bring. 

With that in mind, we teamed up with Herbaland, Canada’s largest nutritional gummy manufacturer, to bring you a list of 6 incredible hikes you can do this summer near Toronto. As for snacks? Herbaland just launched their brand new trio line of Snack Healthy Packs, and these healthy (and very tasty) gummies are the perfect hiking companion to keep you fed and happy. Made in British Columbia in 100% compostable pouches, they’re vegan, gluten-free and come in Ginger and Turmeric, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Vitamin C. 

So, ready to see what trails we’re hitting?

hikes near calgary summer
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Singhampton Caves Trail


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If you’re ready to switch up your regular hike for something a little different (and seriously cool), then Singhampton Caves Trail is one to check out. Explore the breathtaking moss covered caves, and enjoy all the wildflowers that make their appearance in the summer.

Where: 794685 Osprey Clearview Townline
Distance: 2.3 KM
Difficulty: Moderate

Cup and Saucer Trail

cup and saucer trail hikes near toronto
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This is the choose your own adventure of hiking. The different trails branching off mean you can hike anywhere from 20 minutes to 4 hours up here! What’s the same is the epic view over the cliffs. Speaking of the cliffs, don’t post anything online that’ll give your mom too much anxiety, okay?

Where: Highway 40 & Bidwell Rd
Distance: 12 km total
Difficulty: Easy- moderate

Flowerpot Island

flowerpot island toronto hikes near summer
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Tobermory’s a bit of a trek, but the views are definitely worth the effort. Flowerpot Island’s short loop features breathtaking lake lookouts and it’s perfect for all skill levels, so it should definitely be on your autumn hit-list.

Where: Near Northern Bruce Peninsula
Distance: 2.6 KM
Difficulty: Easy

Lion’s Head Loop

lion's head loop bruce trail hikes near toronto
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Do it for the views, team! This is quite the loop in terms of distance, but since it takes a few hours to go to – may as well make it a day trip. From the gorgeous scenery to dunking in the bay at the end of the hike, Lion’s Head Loop is not one to sleep on.

Where: Start at Bruce Trail on Moore St, Lion’s Head
Distance: 15.3 km
Difficulty: Moderate

Niagara Glen

niagara glen trail hikes near toronto
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This scenic little trail is a must if you’re near the Falls. Along with gorgeous water views, there are spots to try a bit of bouldering if you’re feeling fearless! After gettin’ in your adventure kicks, it’s the perfect spot to unwind for a snack break or a little picnic.

Where: 15 Niagara Parkway
Distance: 2.3 KM
Difficulty: Moderate

Hilton Falls Trail

With 3 different trails to explore, the Hilton Falls Trails are a great hiking spot to hit up and admire some falls. The only downside to this one? You’ve gotta make a reservation to check it out. But with a bit of preparation, we think it’s well worth it!

Where: Off Campbellville Rd in Milton
Distance: 4.7 km
Difficulty: Easy

There you have it, team! A few hikes to check out (or re-explore) this summer. Ready to grab your sneaks and pack your Hiking bag full of delicious and healthy snacks? Check out Herbaland’s Snack Healthy Gummies here!