Rarely does a drink become synonymous with not just a country, but a meal as well. But, that’s exactly what has happened to the Caesar, the official cocktail of Canada, and the unofficial cocktail of brunch. So with summer brunch (and cocktails) on everyone’s minds, we teamed up with Mott’s® Clamato®, to create a guide that’s perfect for all the diehard fans and yet-to-be Caesar lovers out there!

To say that Mott’s® Clamato® is an expert in the field would be an understatement, and when you’ve got the best on hand, there’s really no need to settle for the rest. That’s our take, at least.

So, here are 6 great Caesar recipes to help you discover, or even rediscover, this iconic drink.

For the Citrus Lovers

If you’re looking for a zippier version of the classic Caesar flavour, Mott’s® Clamato®, has got you covered. Swap the regular mix for Mott’s® Clamato®, Lime, and enjoy a refreshing twist on a sunny morning. We’re recommending the classic option as a base, but sub the celery stalk for something with a bit more West Coast influence, like a chilled BC spot prawn. Feeling even lighter? Check out the recipe for a Caesar Sangrita, instead.

For the looking to Double-Down

Speaking of West Coast influence, our amazing array of local seafood offers many pairings, but perhaps none better than our oysters. Not only are they the perfect pair, but learning to shuck oysters is pretty much a guaranteed way to be invited to any and all future yard parties in your neighbourhood. For this one, we think Mott’s® Clamato®, Clamdigger Caesar is the perfect starting point.

For the spin on a local favourite


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Vancouver’s Score on Davie has built a serious reputation for itself on Caesars alone, and with good reason. While some of their creations are best left to the pros, one is so ingeniously simple that we can’t help to include it- the Egg Mc-Caesar. Simple breakfast sandwich as one garnish, and a few tater tots on the other. All of a sudden, your classic Caesar becomes the perfect accompaniment between bites. Try doing the same with a mimosa.

For a global twist


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Maybe you’re looking for a completely new approach to your next Caesar. Well, you’ll be happy to know that you’ve got a couple of options. For the Vietnamese cuisine lovers, Mott’s actually has a version that incorporates pho soup flavouring, lemongrass, ponzu, and veggie rolls. If you’re more after the spice of a Caesar, our coworkers in Calgary practically swear by a version that uses Shin Ramen noodles for added heat.

For a mixture of sweet and salty

Are you the type of person that doesn’t shy away from the maple syrup during brunch? If so, then this is right up your alley. It’s a one-two punch here, adding maple syrup to the base drink and bacon as a garnish. Our personal tips? Opt for thicker cuts of bacon for extra flavour, and a lighter syrup (if possible) to keep the consistency intact. A great starting point here is the Whiskey & Sage Caesar, which swaps the vodka for some very appropriate Canadian whiskey.

For those wanting a garnish bonanza

This might be a forbidden move, but we don’t care. Know what else Caesars pair well with, if you’re ready to try it out? Charcuterie boards. Do away with the celery stalk, and bring your favourite cured meats, olives, and pickled vegetables into the mix. Even things out with a few cheeses as well, and you might just find yourself drinking a Caesar during cocktail hour, as well as at brunch the next day. If you’re looking for something a little heartier than the classic version, then the addition of steak sauce and beer in The Meat Locker should be right up your alley.

mott's clamatoVia Mott’s® Clamato®

Whew! That’s a lot of different options for making a truly delicious Caesar, and thanks to Mott’s® Clamato®, with 6 make-it-yourself mixes, including their new Mott’s® Clamato® Reserve premium mix made with natural ingredients, we can rest easy knowing that whichever one we pick, we’re in for a treat. Lookin’ to step up your Caesar game even more? Try adding in some garnishes (everything from classic celery and spicy beans, to bacon, shrimp and more), adding in some rimmer for your glass, and even playing around with the type of alcohol you use!

We hope that you feel the same the next time you decide to treat yourself to one of these gems. Isn’t it time for a Caesar, Vancouver?