The days are getting longer and warmer, and we’re almost at the first long weekend of spring. And you know what that means- plenty of time to get outdoors to explore. One of the best ways to do just that is to hike one of the many incredible trails we have so close to home, and Buff Canada agrees.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Buff to highlight some amazing Vancouver-area hikes, and what to bring on them. But first, let’s tell you a bit about Buff Canada.

buff canada

Based out of Canmore, Buff Canada is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Buff Canada products. What began with an idea for a seamless tubular neckwear option made of microfibre back in the early 1990s, has grown into a multi-functional lineup of products that keep you warm, safe, and looking pretty damn cool.


With a huge variety of neckwear and headwear, BUFF® products keep you geared up, prepared for adventure, and looking great no matter the season. They’ve also just launched their Spring-Summer Collection, so you can mix & match perfectly while adding a pop of colour to your outfit. Plus, their new products are multifunctional and lightweight, making them the ideal accessory for each one of your spring and summer adventures.

buff canada

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some great hikes near Vancouver to go on this long weekend (and some great products to bring)!

Cypress Falls

cypress falls

A North Shore classic, Cypress Falls is an easy, year-round walk that sees two different waterfalls. Enjoyed at all times of the year, the trail will take you through dense forest along the creek before hitting the waterfalls. But don’t forget to play it safe up there- the area near the cliff may have eroded and loose dirt could give way!

Distance: 3km round trip
Difficulty: Easy

What to Wear: A multifunctional Pack Trucker Cap to take on any adventure- there’s even an inside pocket for cards and small keys!

Minnekhada Regional Park


Sitting on the outskirts of Coquitlam, this peaceful nature sanctuary is open-year round and a perfect day trip. The hike is great for warming up for summer, with easier trails and some different views. With a ton of wildlife nearby, you’ll be treated to vistas of the surrounding marshlands.

Distance: 10km round trip
Difficulty: Easy

What to Wear: A Sun Bucket Hat for some serious sun protection that keeps you cool while you trek (in more ways than one!)

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

metro vancouver pacific spirit park

If you’re looking to stay in the city over the long weekend, this hike is for you. Open year-round, UBC’s Pacific Spirit Regional Park is actually a great spot to hit the trails. You can walk through wooded trails, or down to the beach- meaning you’re in charge of how long (or how not long) your hike is.

Distance: 10km round trip
Difficulty: Easy

What to Wear: Anything from the BUFF® Original Exclusive Canadian Collection. Designed by local Canadian artists and inspired by the country we call home, can you think of anything more fitting to wear on a classic Canadian walk?

Teapot Hill

teapot hill

Located within Cultus Lake Provincial Park, this family-friendly hike is a great long-weekend trek for those of all ages. And as the name suggests, there are teapots hidden along the trail. Not to mention, some pretty scenic views of Cultus Lake at the end!

Distance: 5km
Difficulty: Easy

What to Wear: A CoolNet® Tapered Headband for any one of your workouts- whether it’s at home, or hustling Teapot Hill’s trails!

Baden Powell Deep Cove to Lynn Canyon

lynn canyon

Only 30 minutes from Vancouver, this intermediate hike offers a bit of everything. This eastern section of Baden Powell trail will take you through Deep Cove all the way to Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge. The 12km hike will bless your eyes with views of dense forests, scenic canyons and a gorgeous waterfall. Don’t forget- this hike is not a loop, so make a plan for transportation at the end!

Distance: 12km
Difficulty: Intermediate

What to Wear: A Pack Sahara Cap meant for even the longest of adventures. Easily packable, lightweight, quick dry, and ventilation for that all-day cool feeling.

Big Cedar & Kennedy Falls Trail

kennedy falls

Another quick trip from Van, this intermediate hike is for all the backcountry lovers out there. The hike will take you past a massive old-growth cedar tree, but heads up! The survival of Big Cedar Tree is at risk, so please do you part and don’t get too close. But don’t worry, just trek on by and eventually you’ll be rewarded with the spectacular view of Kennedy Falls.

Distance: 10km
Difficulty: Intermediate

What to Wear: BUFF® CoolNet UV+® Multifunctional Neckwear to keep you cool all day long, and protected from the sun. It’s also lightweight, and even made from 95% recycled materials!


So there you have it, folks! Just don’t forget to gear up with BUFF® products before you head out. Happy hiking!