The harsh Albertan winter is just as tough on our cars as it is on us. But there are a few easy ways to ensure your car (and by extension, you) comes out the other side of the season healthy and strong.

Frankly, a well-maintained and timely-serviced car is a safety prerequisite all year long but more so in the extreme driving conditions that the snowy weather brings along. So, we took advice from the only people we trust with our cars− Mr. Lube. Their skilled and experienced technicians have, after all, been winter-proofing our cars for decades.

In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say they’ve made it easier to care for our cars with their ‘no appointment needed’ and ‘stay in the car’ brand of service. Plus, their pricing saves our wallets from breaking. And now their advice is to save our cars from breaking too.

Whether you are one to enjoy snowy road trips or merely get your car out of the garage for bare necessities, here are 5 ways to ensure your car survives the winter.

#1 Invest in good winter tires

It might seem a bit late to be talking about tires but if you’re one hoping to get by winter safely with your all-season tires, you are living a myth. While the all-season tires work great for fall, anything below 7° C requires proper winter tires, especially with the ice-clad pavement. Winter tires are designed to handle low temperatures and have deeper and more volume of treads that create friction on snowy and icy roads. Just FYI, Mr. Lube provides same-day service for winter tires.

#2 Keep tabs on tire pressure

mr lube winter-proof car alberta
Photo via Curiocity

As temperatures drop, so does the air pressure in your tires. Now, at best this would just be an inconvenience but at worst, it could be fatal because less inflated tires make it difficult to control the car. So, check the tire pressure regularly.

#3 Ensure your car battery is strong

Your car’s battery “loves” the freezing Albertan winter just as much as you do. That’s precisely why you have those mornings when your car refuses to wake up at all. But occasional inconvenience isn’t all that the winter does, it can damage your battery beyond repair. So, make sure your battery is fully juiced and can get you places without failing on you. If you have a voltmeter, you can do a voltage test by yourself or you can head over to Mr. Lube to get it checked.

#4 Check/replace the engine oil

mr lube winter-proof car alberta
Photo via Curiocity

‘What does oil have to do with winter?’ That was the first thought in our heads too when we heard this tip. Then the guys at Mr. Lube explained that the engine oil can thicken and flow slowly or not at all as the weather gets chilly. This would cause serious engine damage. And because oil is crucial to the engine’s smooth functioning, it is important to not compromise on its quality. The safest bet is to get a warranty approved oil change as Mr. Lube does. Oh, and like we mentioned earlier, you don’t need prior scheduling for this.

#5 Top up all other car fluids

So, you got your oil changed but there are a few other car fluids that you absolutely must top up come winter. Firstly, the Antifreeze, aka engine coolant, protects your engine from extreme temperatures. Next is your brake oil, because well, you need a strong brake system when driving on slushy roads. And lastly, the winter blend is the wiper fluid that’ll ensure your wiper moves smoothly.

#6 Get a fresh set of wipers

mr lube winter-proof car alberta
Photo via Curiocity

One of the most basic driving struggles during winter is visibility. And the obvious solution to that is a properly working pair of wiper blades. In case, you’re wondering when it’s time to change them, it’s right when your wiper blades start to leave a frosty trail behind after every swipe. You can easily replace them yourself, as long as you have the right size of the wiper.

If you’ve missed out on any or all of the above pro tips, head over to one of the eight Mr. Lube locations in town to get it all checked and fixed. And have a safe winter!