While we tend to focus on our own, selfish tastes, sometimes it’s nice to get a breath of fresh air from the general public. So, the new list of the top places to eat in Edmonton from Yelp should be right up our alley. The company asked users to list the spots they want to eat at in 2021, then got some employees to weigh in as well.

The result? The top 100 spots around Canada to check out, from coast to coast. And, 6 of those picks are right here in Edmonton! There are even more if you include all of Alberta, but we think this is a good starting point, especially with non-essential travel being a no-no.

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For the list, we numbered them relative to our city, but included their place in the top 100 just for kicks:

  1. Battista’s Calzone (45)
  2. Italian Centre Shop (49)
  3. The Bedouins (73)
  4. Padmanadi Vegetarian Restaurant (81)
  5. An Chay (89)
  6. Hathway’s Diner (100)

We’re the first to admit that when compared to ‘insider lists’ like Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants, two very different pictures of Edmonton are painted. Although, we got to say that for delicious options and repeat visits, these are some top picks. And, this is a great reminder (for us too) to try those neighbourhood spots you don’t see only on influencer pages.

If you’d like to check out the full list of the best places to eat across Edmonton/Canada, you can do so right here.

Now, is anyone down for a round of the Cones of Dunshire? We’ll be the maverick.