The thing about foodies is that these aroma-sniffing, flavour-discerning folks in our lives have been trying great, adventurous food all year round. So, a mere box of cookies isn’t going to impress them. What will impress them is a great gastronomical experience. And that’s why we’ve curated this list of some of Calgary’s best eateries that are sure to make your foodie friend very happy.

But it isn’t just the foodie friends that these gifts will please; they will be rewarding for you too. How so? Glad you asked. So, every place on this list accepts a Neo Card which offers some serious cashback rewards that are averaging at 5%. We swear we aren’t kidding!

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On to the list now!


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For anyone who likes to amp up their comfort foods game and a hearty choice of beers and cocktails, there’s nothing better than a meal at the CRAFT Beer Market. With gourmet-ed versions of popular comfort food and some 150 or so taps running quality beer from around the world and some ciders, wines and cocktails as well, CRAFT can please just about anyone.

Cashback: Up to 19.5%

Teatro Ristorante

Frankly, it’s hard to imagine a foodie who hasn’t visited Teatro multiple times but it is certainly worth another gazillion visits. This Italian fine-dine barely needs an intro and it’s not because it’s been around for 28 years. It’s because, in those 28 years, it has delivered the best of quality and the most delightful of dining experiences.

Cashback: Up to 15%

Vintage Chophouse and Tavern

With meats galore and sides as fun as they get, this steakhouse can please the pickiest of eaters, let alone a die-hard foodie. The place has been wowing Calgarians with its own brand of classy for years on end.

Cashback: Up to 15%



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If you’re looking for an upbeat, urban vibe, innovative cocktails, to-die-for food, inspired desserts and a memorable experience, look o further. The NASH checks every box.

Cashback: Up to 19.5%

Alforno Bakery & Cafe

For the foodie who never seems to think no pasta is good enough for them, Alforno is here to prove them wrong. Each of their pastas will give you major foodgasms. And so will their desserts and cocktails (which they have a never-ending list of). They are, after all, the main feature.

Cashback: Up to 15%

Dairy Lane Cafe


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Need an intimate brunch? Say hello to Dairy Lane Cafe, one of Calgary’s oldest restaurants. This tiny but mighty little place will impress you in more ways than one. From cute interiors to yummy classics to a chill vibe, Dairy Lane has everything.

Cashback: Up to 15%

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