We’re suckers for a good ranking, so it’s pretty dang great that 6 Canadian cities made the World’s Best Cities 2021 list. In fact, these 6 cities all made the list last year, but each and every one of them ranked higher in 2021 than they did in 2020. Let’s have a moment of gratuitous pride, okay?

The report was published by Resonance, who looked at cities in terms of place, product, people, prosperity, programming, and promotion. Someone take a really wild guess what their favourite letter is, please.

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Within these metrics, everything from the number of yearly sunny days to Facebook check-ins to GDP was examined. They seemed to be pretty thorough in their investigation, and the only qualifier was that the city had to have a population of over a million people.

Just for curiocity’s sake (hehe), here are the top 10 of the World’s Best Cities ranking:

1. London, England
2. New York, USA
3. Paris, France
4. Moscow, Russia
5. Tokyo, Japan
6. Dubai, UAE
7. Singapore, Malaysia
8. Barcelona, Spain
9. Los Angeles, USA
10. Madrid, Spain

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So, how did Canadian cities stack up against the rest of the world? Well, Toronto was the highest Canadian metropolis, ranking at #13. That’s actually four spots higher than it came in last year. Canada’s largest city was applauded for economic growth, immigration, and global investment. Not bad at all!

Next, Vancouver came in at #34 after ranking #41 in 2020. Vancouver gained plenty of points for its worldliness, but the city’s insane housing costs are just too high for it to climb into the top 30.

Here is where all the Canadian cities ranked:

#13 – Toronto (from #17 in 2020)
#34 – Vancouver (from #41 in 2020)
#41 – Montreal (from #45 in 2020)
#47 – Calgary (from #48 in 2020)
#67 – Ottawa (from #77 in 2020)
#76 – Edmonton (from #83 in 2020)

To check out the the World’s Best Cities report, click right here!