Canada has some incredible people: authors, journalists, and musicians who have lived and fought for people to be heard.  Right now for those who can’t understand, it’s imperative to listen and learn from people who do, and who better to listen and learn from then gifted storytellers.  Here are 6 Canadian content creators that you should follow right now.



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Liz Clarke, better known online as Htbsle (pronounced Hitabaseelay) is a Canadian poet, rapper, videographer, and photographer. At 23, the talented artist has accomplished more than most of us will in an entire lifetime. Her work is extremely powerful.

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Desmond Cole is the author behind National Best Seller, The Skin We’re In, A Year of Black Resistance and Power. As you can imagine because he is a professional writer, his Twitter feed is incredible. In addition to posting his own insight, he frequently supports other creators by retweeting and sharing their posts.


Karena Evans is a Toronto-born director and actor. Since 2018, where she solidified her place in the music entertainment industry she’s won BET’s video director of the year and was the first woman ever to win the Prism Prize Lipsett Award. Her Instagram feed, which is updated with purpose often, is creative and extremely current.


Author and activist, Robyn Maynard uses her platform exclusively in support of equality and educating the public. Her book, Policing Black Lives: State Violence in Canada from Slavery to the Present was named one of the best books in 2017, by CBC and one of the best books of 2018 by The Walrus.


Black Lives Matter Toronto is a must follow. For accurate information, insight, photos, and videos we typically look to them. Obviously, all of their posts are deeply rooted in the fight for equality, supports, and encourages opportunity, other Canadian creators.


Rodney Diverlus is the co-founder of Black Lives Matter in Toronto. If that wasn’t incredible enough, he’s also a movement artist, performance maker, organizing strategist, and a cultural commentator. His posts are just as meaningful as you’d expect from someone who laid the groundwork for such an incredible organization.

These Canadian content creators have a lot to offer. Keep your mind, and your heart open out there. Its time to listen, learn and grow.