It’s no secret to those who live here that YYC has an impressive collection of chefs, restaurants and bars, but it’s always nice to get a little recognition. It means that much more when the nod is from the folks at Canada’s 100 Best, a publication devoted to ranking, listing and shining a spotlight on the culinary industry. This time around, Calgary appeared on their 100 Things To Savor list, a multitude of the country’s most beloved culinary concepts – all of which were born in the midst of a global pandemic.

With a little help from food enthusiasts and judges alike, they compiled a master index of some of the most amazing things to happen this year. From cocktail kits to social activism and the takeout programs that restaurants had created during one of the most challenging times in recent history – here are the 6 mentions that Calgary received in 2021.


Brought to life by Calgary’s Kaede Hirooka, Respect the Technique was revered for it’s originality and free spirit. Under an incredibly aloof name, Hirooka and his fellow chefs were able to exercise their creativity. Without committing to one kind of cuisine, they were able to make any style of food from shawarma bao to cheeseburger gyoza.


Opened in July of last year, Con Mi Taco was the result of two extremely talented chefs without an outlet – no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. With 14 margaritas flavours and their popular taco kits Con Mi Taco was a total success – despite the owners having to face adversity.



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Created by The Final Table finalist Darren MacLean and chef du cuisine Mitsuru Hara, from Spain’s Michelin-three-star Azurmendi, EIGHT a unique spot hidden behind Japanese restaurant Nupo, was hugely popular in 2020. You see, this place was unlike anything at the time as it only seated 8 customers at a time. That’s it. Not only was this a distance-friendly concept it was extremely intimate and informative.


Who knew that in the midst of the pandemic, Calgary would see one the grand opening of the city’s most beautiful restaurants? Serving unreal dishes inspired by Japan and the Mediterranean, Orchard is an elegant concept with incredible food, original cocktails, more chandeliers than the lighting aisle in Home Depot and an impressive waiting list.



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Queen of cool, Food Network star Jinhee Lee realized her dream of owning her very own restaurant when she opened Jin Bar, a Korean-style fried chicken, pizza and beer joint in Bridgeland.  With amazing food and a refreshing atmosphere, Lee successfully found a middle ground between fine and casual dining


With take-out completely taking over, Anju Chef, Roy Oh began bottling his spicy brand of magic and Calgarians couldn’t get enough. Though it was never meant to be permanent, Oh continues to sell his collection of kimchi, pickles, marinades and aioli’s in house and at stores all over the city.

Talk about inventive! There you have it, YYC! Calgary’s 6 inclusions on Canada’s 100 best most recent list. Do you think that they missed anything or nailed it? Let us know!