You know what is a good way to spend your time stuck at home? Getting fit! Just cause you can’t go to the gym doesn’t mean you can’t start working on that summer bod. These fitness apps will bring the gym right to you! And if you don’t normally exercise as much as you should, what better way to get in the hang of it than by starting out at home?

Here are 6 of the best fitness apps to try out right now.


No more boredom raiding your fridge at all hours of the day! This app lets you track your food consumption AND your exercise. Plus, you can enter your fitness goals and they’ll tell you how many calories to eat each day to stay on track.


This app will teach you how to sculpt and tone your body in only 30 minutes a day! You can work with fitness trainer Anna Victoria to achieve the results of your dream.


This fitness app has workouts tailor-made for all people. All goals, all ages, all levels, and all body types. Plus, you can get the first two weeks free when you sign up for their fitness program!

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If you’re a runner who can’t hit up your usual parks and trails, why not spice up your next run with this app? You can track your runs, listen to motivating playlists, and even add friends in the app to compete in challenges with!


If you’re a Fitbit user who wants to take those 10,000 steps up a notch, check out this neat app! You’ll get super cool workouts that you can track on your Fitbit!


Hey, we may be stuck at home for a while. So you might as well commit to a 30-day fitness challenge with this cool app! Each day they’ll give you new workouts for a whole month of fitness fun.

So download these fitness apps and let’s get to work! Just imagine how jacked we’ll be by the time this whole crisis is over…fingers crossed.