August is defined by two things: end of summer escapades, and frantic back-to-school shopping. Whether you’re gearing up for another semester, or you’ve got kids that have outgrown or lost everything they own, there’s always a last-minute scramble. Luckily, DoorDash has everything you need to get ready for September, and you probably didn’t even know it. 

Sure, you may know DoorDash as the procurer of all your favourite dishes, but there’s so much more at your fingertips. Ease the stress of last-minute supply runs and get it all in one place. The best part is you don’t even have to leave your house. Plus, from now until August 30, you can get 30% off orders $25+ (up to $10) on select merchants. Life = upgraded. 

Here are 5 things you didn’t know you could order on DoorDash.

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School Supplies

Yes, actually. No need to brave the hoards of stressed-out parents clamouring for the last pack of No. 2 pencils. DoorDash just announced a huge partnership with Staples, the ultimate source of school and office essentials. There’s over 24,000 Staples items available on the app, so if you’ve got a favourite type of pen you refuse to deviate from, no worries.

Welcome to the least stressful September ever. Order everything you need from the comfort of your couch while you catch up on the latest binge-worthy show. 

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Starbucks Coffee

Did you know you can get your favourite coffee delivered to your door? And you don’t even need a personal assistant (but you can always pretend). 

Get a pick-me-up (without the picking up) as you organize your school supply list and prepare for the day. All drinks are fully customizable, so if you’re an almond beverage, no whip, half-sweet kinda person, you don’t have to compromise.


You may already use DoorDash for takeout, but you might not have known that you can also use the app to stock up your pantry. DoorDash gives you instant access to Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaws, and No Frills grocery stores, Rexall drug stores, and even local liquor stores. 

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Beauty Products

Your first day back on campus wouldn’t be complete without your hair and makeup on point. Honestly, that’s probably just any day of the week – which is even better because DoorDash has everything you need whether you run out of soap, conditioner, or mascara.

DoorDash has partnered with beauty retailers across Canada, including the likes of Shoppers Drug Mart, Sephora, and even LUSH. Never suffer from a bad hair day again. Get your most beloved products delivered to your door, and never leave the house feeling less than your best.

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Pet Supplies

We can’t forget about the four-legged family members. After all, while you’re running around trying to get your to-do list in order, they still need to be fed and entertained. 

Never run out of pet food, or sacrifice your furniture as a chew toy ever again. DoorDash’s partnership with PetSmart allows you on-demand access to all the food, chew toys, flea shampoo, or costumes your furry friends will ever need. 

At this rate, there really isn’t much reason to leave the house, is there?

Now that you know everything you can order on DoorDash, you can keep the momentum throughout the school year with a one-year DashPass from DoorDash membership, to get what you need when you need it with $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees on eligible orders. Hot tip: If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you get one year of DashPass for free! 

No more September scaries. With DoorDash, you can do back-to-school on easy mode.